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Mr Glenn Davies

Director Gender, Disability and Social Inclusion

+04 223 505 24
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I am a Gender, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) Specialist with more than 30 years’ experience policing violent crime including family and sexual violence and now work with organisations and governments to prevent gender-based violence through policy development, training and behavioural change. I retired as a senior manager in Victoria Police in 2012 and commenced development work designing and delivering GEDSI policy and learning for governments in the Asia Pacific region. My role drives gender-responsive change in organisational, societal and community settings. 

My work is about fostering collaborative leadership and effective teams to create strong and evidence-based gender equality, disability and socially inclusive policy, and transferring this to real actions and accountability. My work in enabling systemic change provides empowerment for women and  builds healthier and safer outcomes for women, people with disability and other groups experiencing exclusion or discrimination. I have a  strong track record in his GEDSI practice supporting and building economic independence for women and communities with a resilience and strong commitment to responding to and preventing violence against women.

After completing my Master of Education – Leadership Policy and change in 2012, I’ve sought further professional development and speciality working as an accredited “Our Watch” primary prevention of violence trainer and I’m now completing a Graduate Certificate Intake and assessment – Men’s Behaviour Change programs.

As a male Gender Adviser I can have great impact the area of the design and deliver of programs that work with men to end violence against women. I describe the invitation by women to work in this field as honour especially when results demonstrate meaningful change and an outcome of happier and safer families and communities.